Recreational Hunting Auctions

Published At: Wednesday, April 13 2022

Look Outdoors: Digital Auction Platform 

We are an online auction house specializing in recreational hunting properties for seasonal use. With limited hunting access, it’s a natural fit for a property owner to obtain top bids to allow a hunter to hunt his/her property.
What To Expect 
Our team is dedicated to making this entire process seamless and easy for both bidders and sellers. The seller creates an auction in 4 easy steps. Once the auction is launched the LO team will help spread the word and drive bidders to your auction across our social platforms.
For best results we encourage the seller to share his auction though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform that they use. We strongly suggest interaction with the bidders on the comment thread located on your auction page as this creates bidder confidence.
We are here to help and would love to answer any questions you might have regarding our process. We encourage you to sign up and get started, you will find that everything is intuitive and simple! 

How to Create an Auction 
Any auction needs details, details and more details. With recreational properties for hunting auctions, it is important to give as much description on the property as possible. How many acres is available to hunt, is there a map of the property? Are food plots in? What do you have planted? Stands and blinds in place or do you have to bring your own? Show as many current trail cam pics as you can. Hunters will be more enthusiastic to bid if they see current pictures of your bucks rather then just pictures of your farm. Inventory will dictate how high the bid will go.
Where to Set Your Reserve 
This can be tricky but look at surrounding hunting lease rates for a start. But remember this – depending on your inventory (bucks frequenting your farm/land), you can demand a higher reserve if you can show 150” + bucks versus 130” bucks. Imagine if you had a couple 170” bucks on your farm/land, what would hunters bid to have the opportunity to harvest a buck of a lifetime?
This is the excitement of auctions. Why set a lease rate when you can set a reserve and let the market dictate the final winning bid?
Season is Around the Corner
 Owning property can be expensive…. taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc. To help with these costs and at the same time allowing a hunter to hunt a property that otherwise would normally not have access too, hunting auctions can create that additional passive income and at the same time give a hunter a hunt of a lifetime!
Take a look today and get started on your first auction! Recreational Hunting Properties